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DHOHOO puppy wipes effectively and safely clean between poops. Handily clean dogs’ dirty paws without drying them out. Removes fleas, dander, shedding and cling-ons in between poops. Safe for dogs up to six weeks of age.

Cleaning anal glands: The dog wipes reduce anal gland cleaning while soothing sore spots. The soothing action removes dead skin cells, reducing redness. The wipes can be used on a variety of pet concerns such as ear infections, conjunctivitis, and anal glands cleaning. The anal glands are located at the base of the tail. They gather debris and excrement and eventually become clogged. DHOHOO puppy wipes clean the anal glands gently removing the build-up.

Deodorizing dogs: All dogs shed. It’s important to deodorize the areas of the body that has hair because dogs sometimes mistake their own smell for that of others. Dogs with allergies respond well to natural flea powders or dog wipes. If you have an allergy to flea products, consider natural alternatives like lavender or cornstarch.

Aloe vera for pets: Pets benefit from a source of naturally healing ingredients. Aloe vera is a mucilage gel found in plants. Its soothing properties encourage healing and speed the process of cell turnover. Aloe vera for pet cleansing has a healing effect on the skin and stimulates healthy cell function. Like human acne, it is best to consult your veterinarian before using it.

Neem for dogs: Neem is a perennial plant that grows in tropical and subtropical climates across Africa, Australia, and South America. Like aloe vera, neem for dogs can provide soothing relief for dogs with skin problems and infections. Neem for dogs has proven benefits in treating dandruff, ringworm, athlete’s foot, and corns. It has also been used to kill bacteria and viruses.

Freshen up your dog’s paws: When your puppy comes home, you want to give him a comfortable place to sleep, lie down, and relax. This is where a good, quality, puppy wipe can go. To clean his paws, simply soak the wipe in warm water, and then apply a few drops of your favorite dog shampoo or organic dog repellent. Wipe dry, air-dry,dry and keep your dog paws smelling fresh. You can also use neem oil for puppies to freshen up their skin.

Diapers dry out quickly: If you’re like most pet owners, you might need to change your pet’s diaper at least a dozen times a day. Unfortunately, many dog owners fail to realize that diapers should not only be cleaned but spot cleaned as well. The best dog wipes will contain an antiseptic ingredient such as chlorhexidine wipes and aloe vera to prevent the spread of infection.

puppy wipes
puppy wipes

Keep eucalyptus smelling fresh: Eucalyptus oil is often used in industrial cleaners because it repels insects and is antimicrobial. However, eucalyptus oil can also cause adverse health reactions in dogs like itching, skin irritation, and discharge. Neem for dogs is very effective in removing odor and providing long-lasting relief to your dog. Neem for dogs has been used in Australia and the United States for decades to treat allergies, promote general health, and to prevent and treat ear infections, a common disease among dogs.

Use need for dogs to treat fleas and mites. Fleas and mites are very common and can be life threatening to your pet. Neem wipes can help kill fleas and provide your dog with long-lasting relief from fleas while keeping your pet healthy. When dogs are involved with sports, they can develop sport ear infections if their ears are constantly scratched by the sport equipment. Using them for dogs will kill the bacteria that cause ear infections and ease discomfort, pain, and noise.

Puppy wipes should be kept handy so you can apply just the right amount of dog wipes for maximum benefit. To make quick work of changing your puppy’s diaper, purchase a puppy wipe that contains chlorhexidine. Also, keep handy disposable wipes that contain borax, salt, or cornstarch for quick cleaning after a bath or shower. These wipes can be easily stored in a ring or sock bag. You can also create an effective home remedy by mixing one cup of vinegar with three or four cups of warm water for effective diaper change for dogs.