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What are the best cat foods and supplements for cats with urinary incontinence? This question is important to all cat owners because the answer can determine which supplement or medication your cat needs. Tasty Rewards for Cats by Jane Perrin is the only product on the market that brings home the best cat vitamins for your beloved feline. Perrin’s product line offers a variety of quality products guaranteed to treat illnesses and problems without risking your pet’s health.

Herbal supplements for cats are a great way to ensure that your cat stays active, healthy, and well adjusted. Unfortunately, many cat owners fail to recognize the need for quality cat vitamins and do not take the time to find out what exactly is in the various products on the market today. When you read the ingredients label on common cat food and pet supplements you will see various chemical additives. These additives will actually stimulate bacteria growth instead of working to strengthen the immune system.

Some of the best cat vitamins and pet supplements contain essential amino acids, minerals, and nutrients that are known to help support overall good health. For example, did you know that one important amino acid needed for the prevention of urinary tract infection in cats is touring? Taurine is found in many commercial products such as Purina’s Goldenseal and Purina’s Ornamental Goldeen. In addition to treating urinary tract infections, this amino acid is also effective in easing discomfort and promoting proper urine flow.

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cat supplements

Another amino acid that is found in many supplements for cats is carnosine. Cats have difficulty digesting vitamin C due to its extremely acidic nature. The solution to this problem is taurine, which acts as a buffering agent for the acid before it is absorbed. Studies indicate that taurine can help to prevent heart disease and stroke by reducing the buildup of plaque in the arteries and improving the function of the kidneys and liver. This compound is also a constituent of the best cat vitamins and pet supplements, so make sure to feed your cat a quality raw food diet that contains it.

To provide additional health benefits, some supplements for cats need to contain flaxseed oil. Cats need this fatty substance to be healthy, and the better companies include it in all of their products. Long-term health issues including chronic inflammation and arthritis may be ameliorated by regular consumption of fish oil. Also, cats need Rx vitamins and other nutrients to help maintain the proper balance of the electrolyte levels in their body. This mineral is found in Fish Oil and is essential to good health. Just like we humans need it to maintain the correct balance of electrolytes, so do cats.

A third mineral that is found in superior quality fish oil is phosphatidylcholine or PC. This mineral is particularly important for maintaining the health of the brain and eyes. Studies indicate that the brain and eyes of cats that regularly received a dose of fish oil containing PC were less susceptible to disease than those who did not receive the supplement. So too, are their feline competitors.