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Puppy wipes

Earthbath Ultra-VG Puppy wipes efficiently and safely wipes away odour and dirt between puppy baths. Handily clear dogs’ dirty paws between baths with no risk of smelly messes. Remove drool, dander, discharge and clinging-on from play in the wild. High protein cat food is suitable for all breeds of dogs including beagles. Dermatitis, ringworm and other skin conditions can be cured by using safe puppy wipes for dogs.

Earthbath Ultra-VG Puppy wipes are formulated using only natural ingredients, so there are no harsh chemicals to irritate the skin or cause dry skin or allergies. Safe for all breeds of dogs including beagles. The high protein cat food helps clean and nourish puppies. Handily remove dander, excessive grooming saliva and cling-on from play in the wild. Safe for all pets over 6 months old.

Safe and Natural wipes

pet Teddy dog
pet Teddy dog

The best puppy grooming products are made from all natural ingredients that are safe for all animals, including beagles. The special hand-moisturizing formula helps calm and soothe the skin. Also, the aloe vera gel in the wipes helps promote healing and keeps hair and fur healthy. The key features of Earthbath Puppy wipes are their safe and effective ingredients. The specially formulated, hypoallergenic formulations mean there are no health risks.

Use wipes clean skin

Dogs in the wild have sensitive, delicate areas of their face, ears and paws that can be extremely painful if they are not cleaned and cared for properly. Earthbath wipes work gently to soothe irritated skin and prevent further irritation. Your dogs deserve clean, comfortable wipes for their delicate areas.

The company’s specialty grooming products help keep your dog’s coat looking fresh and vibrant while relieving dog ear problems. You can use specially formulated wipes to condition your pets’ coats and ease flakiness and itching. The anti-allergenic formula helps reduce dryness and itching while reducing hair loss and dandruff. The specially formulated zinc hypoallergenic formula helps prevent itching and protect against the growth of bacteria and fungus in your dogs’ delicate ears. These wipes are effective on all types of dogs including mutts.

dog ear problems

An excellent product that helps to alleviate dog ear problems is EverClean Dog Ears. The non-toxic solution is gentle to the sensitive ears and easy to use. The specially formulated wipes effectively soothe the discomfort associated with dog ears and can leave your pet with a nice warm and shiny ear to keep them happy and their paws relaxed. The environmentally friendly formula also reduces the amount of hair and dander that will collect in your pets’ paws, while freshening their fur.

For a healthier environment for your dog at all times, you should consider Eucalyptus dog shampoo. This formula contains an antiseptic cleaning agent that works to kill dust mites, bacteria and germs in your pets’ ears while treating their skin to ensure a healthy coat. The powerful antiseptic properties of Eucalyptus cleanses, disinfects and relieves allergies while providing relief to dogs that suffer from constant ear scratching.

dog and cat

Dog earwax removal is often necessary after your dogs puppy grows in size. You should carefully clean the inside of his ears using puppy wipes for dogs as the sticky residue from human saliva can be extremely hazardous for your dog’s health. Dogs can develop an infection if the wax builds up in their ears and can cause extreme discomfort, pain and even possible hearing loss. The best way to remove excess wax from your pet’s ears is to bathe them in warm water and rinse with Eucalyptus oil to remove any excess wax. It’s also important that you rinse the ears with Eucalyptus oil each day to prevent any build up of wax and to further discourage excessive wax build up.